Egypt – Vibrant Cairo

There’s no other city in the world like Cairo. The inner city area has about 8 million people while the outskirts has about 16 million people, and they’re from all over this region. You’ve got every type of nationality, and many different religions, it’s a place of great ethnic diversity, and lots of great things to see.
On the shores of the river, on what is actually an island known as Gezira, you’ll find the Gezira Palace built by the Khedive Ismail in the mid 19th century. These days it’s known as the Cairo Marriott Hotel. Built for the opening of the Suez Canal in 1869, but not to house mere tourists, it was meant for various members of the European Monarchy, amongst them Empress Eugenie of France, wife of Napoleon, the 3rd and many of the rooms were actually modeled on her own residence in Paris

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